About the Artist
Peter Benson

Peter’s journey began with a background as a mechanic and technician-engineer. He went through a major awakening process that opened up his connection to his Higher Self and the Angelic Realm. He discovered his angelic origins as part of Archangel Michael’s army of light. Guided by Archangel Michael, and Ascended Masters, Peter was introduced to the Tensor technology and its healing properties. He conducted a series of research that led him to build his first Tensor rings (all cubits), crystals infused pendants, Merkaba, healing coil, and more.

Peter is a global public speaker and the CEO of Energies of Service. The powerful copper healing and grounding tools he has crafted are inspired by and channeled from the quantum field of Creation. His handcrafted products are carefully attuned energetically to help people heal, balance, and live in harmony with their resonance field. They truly are energy tools for ascension and conscious living.

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